We do air shipping to all 48 states. Check the map above for the locations we ship to.

 Air Shipping

We offer air shipping to all 48 states via(Ozark Jet-A-Pet). Check and see which airport is the closest to your home on the map when you are reserving the puppy. Click on the airport you want and we have the price of the shipping there and other details.
We ship once week on Wednesday.
Shipping rates are $320 with temperatures from 20°F to 85° F. For temperatures higher or lower than that we will have to switch to United Airlines which is $420 if they fly to that airport. If they don’t we’ll have to ship to another airport close to you that United Airline does fly to or postpone till milder weather which could also result in higher shipping costs as well if a larger crate is required. We will give you all the flight information so you can track the flight. Due to severe weather we will postpone shipment but will reschedule ASAP.

Local Pickup

Local pickup is free and you have the benefit of seeing the puppies parents and we have the privilege of meeting you!
The puppy can be picked up after eight weeks of age.
Great Option!!