Caring for and Training a growing puppy

Berner Training/Information Book

If you are looking for a training/information book. The books above are are pretty good books to check out. Just click on it and it will take you right to their website.
These dogs will make great pets for many years. There is certain precautions that have to be taken with puppies. These dogs have some hereditary health issues like hip dysplasia. Certain studies showed recently that eighty percent of hip dysplasia that shows up with dogs is not hereditary but comes from not taking proper care of the puppy over his first two years of his life! It is very critical to feed a good quality feed to a growing puppy and not to let them get over weight since that will put extra stress on their joints.

We highly recommend giving them a probiotic when you get the puppy to help them with the stress of shipping and moving, we use and recommend Canine Microbial Supplement It is a very good supplement and helps with the puppies immunity etc. We would even recommend feeding to adult dogs. You can get it in bulk for less money Canine Microbial Supplement.
One other thing that is very important for is not to let them get too much exercise when they are young for example puppies like to run after little children and if a child is running up and down stairs why the puppy should not be allowed to follow. Excessive jumping or running is highly discouraged. Swimming is a very safe exercise and won’t hurt their joints so keep that in mind.
If you want to give a joint supplement to your dog or if you have an older dog that has hip issues why we would recommend Fastrak Senior Dog Supplement. For additional supplements that we recommend why please check this page.